About L.J

L.J Rittenhouse PhotoL. J. Rittenhouse is President of Rittenhouse Rankings Inc, a CEO advisory and investor relations company that conducts annual benchmark surveys of corporate candor. This research demonstrates that companies consistently striving to promote candor will typically gain competitive advantage and superior market performance.

Rittenhouse Rankings advises large-cap and mid-sized companies on how to build external and internal investor relations programs that foster candid communications and promote desired execution.  She specializes in showing clients how to penetrate corporate blind spots and anticipate strategic risks and opportunities.  Her candor analyses have been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC and various magazine and journals.

Rittenhouse is the author of Buffett’s Bites (McGraw-Hill 2010) and Do Business with People You Can Tru$t, both featured selections at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting bookstore. Tru$t has been recommended by Barron’s, Directors & Boards Association, the American Association of Independent Investors, the National Investor Relations Institute and the Japan Investor Relations Association.

Prior to founding Rittenhouse Rankings, Rittenhouse was a senior vice president at Lehman Brothers Inc., where she advised clients on valuations, securities offerings, and M&A. She has an MBA and MS from Columbia University, and is a founding member of the non-profit, Families with Children from China.