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The Motley Fool Interviews LJ Rittenhouse

Who do you trust with your money?  David Kuo of The Motley Fool’s investing show MoneyTalk, challenged  LJ Rittenhouse to show how CEO shareholder letters can help investors make smart investing decisions.  LJ, who discussed her upcoming book, Investing Between the Lines, made it clear that investors not only had to read shareholder letters, but had to “read between the lines.”   For interview transcript click here.  To listen to interview click here.


Investing Between the Lines to be Released October 2012

LJ Rittenhouse’s newest book, Investing Between the Lines will be available for purchase in October 2012 (McGraw-Hill).  For those who are interested in learning more about LJ’s work, please visit for copies of her previous books, Do Business with People You Can Tru$t and Buffett’s Bites.